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Rug Cleaning Great Falls VA

Rug Cleaning Great Falls VA

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When we say Rug Cleaning we mean rug washing. Cleaning is what we do to wall-to-wall carpeting or synthetic area rugs. It is often the mistake a regular carpet cleaner makes. Most carpet cleaners have little to no training in properly washing a nice Persian, Afghan, Chinese or any wool rug. They usually pick up the rug and just steam clean it like a synthetic rug and return it to charge more money. Rug Cleaning Great Falls VA NOVA Rugs doesn’t do business that way.

Rug Cleaning Great Falls VA

Washing is the professional term to wash a natural or wool area rug. Most oriental and Middle Eastern rugs are made of wool face fibers and need to be washed in a rug washing pit which is a lot like a rug bath. It is cleaned all the way through. Most rug washers refer to this kind of cleaning as fully immersed rug washing. However, the first step in washing is getting the dry dust out before the rug hits the water. Otherwise, it is utterly impossible to get that dust which turns to mud when wet out! We use the Rug Badger which is a machine that beats the dust out of your rug. See the process here.Rug Cleaning Great Falls VA scrub

Many rugs are damaged by inexperienced cleaners every day. A lot of rugs can crock or bleed during cleaning. These are usually rugs made in war-torn countries that didn’t have access to running water. Some rugs cannot be wet cleaned at all.  Especially rugs with viscose, a plant-based fiber. Also, there are some rugs that read on their tag art. silk or faux silk. This means artificial silk and fake silk respectively. They should not be wet cleaned either.

We will professionally clean your treasured rugs squeaky clean to almost new condition.